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Wuhan, Yichang, Yangtze River, Chongqing & Shanghai - a whirlwind tour of these amazing cities in China.


After a peaceful nights sleep. We visited Wuhan museum for an hour, we had a 4 hr coach ride to our lunch stop in Jingzhou followed by a quick walk to the old city wall and temple area. Then another 2 hour drive to board our cruise ship the Yangzte River II with a 362 guest capacity.


The excursions are interesting and worth doing. Chongqing, was our port of disembarkation and a 2 hr coach ride took us to the old town Ci Qi Kou, a gorgeous street of old buildings new fashion, tasty street food. A walk around Erling Park is a balm for the weary soul before a walk around vibrant Hongya Cave. Shanghai is a mixture of old & new with places like the Bund and Nanging Road (a 5km long road similar to 5th Ave.), the French Concession is the location of the first Communist Congress meeting and home to many fine looking restaurants and eateries. Zhouzhuang Tourist Park, is an ancient water village and the ranked the best, it is described as the Venice of the East and is worth the 2.5 hr drive out to it.


The railway market at the Sceince & Technology metro stop is the place to purchase all your 'knock-off' branded items. We finished our time in China by catching the Maglev, high speed train from Shanghai to the international airport - 7 minutes! what a way to finish our whirlwind overview of 4 cities in the vast country of China.