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Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe



Pointe-a-Pitre (pronounced Point a Pit) the capital is not much different from any bustling city.  A drive around the the island of Basse-Terre on the N1 & N2 road will take approximately a couple of hours. The other island of Guadeloupe is Grand-Terre & I didn't actually visit that island as I had other plans to fill my 4 days on the gorgeous tropical island; namely to visit the filming locations of the British series, Death In Paradise.



The set location for the series is Deshaies (pronounced D’Hay) a small unassuming fishing village. This was my first visit to any filming location and I was quite surprised how they can transform a relative small area to appear like the series covers the whole island.  One of the main sets of the show is the Honore Police Station which is actually the priests office of the local St Peter & St Paul Church that is set one street back from where Catherine’s Bar is located which happens to be on a narrow residential road. The detectives hut is taken down after each filming season and only the concrete foundation is testament to the fact that a building is even there. At the time of our visit the beach is filled with washed up trees . It’s set is on the northern end of Paige de la Perle in front of the bars that service any beach goers. The jetty that features in many episodes is located in the bay that Deshaies surrounds. And Lanley Fort Hotel is not only another filming location; but, the abode of choice for the cast and crew.



Aside from the filming location, Grand-Terre is a beautiful island that offers fantastic hiking opportunities up, down and around volcanoes, snorkelling, fishing, diving and plenty of swimming holes with waterfalls. Driving can be a bit hairy if you are a nervous person and for those that get nauseous with car travel, I would recommend using remedies that help calm your tummy as the roads are frequently windy.