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Port Vila & Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu




A country of islands, sun, humidity, organic food and adventure surrounded by spectacular beaches. It has a rich and colourful history of culture and traditions within a tropical paradise.



If you like adventure then here is the place for you. Not a moment of boredom with activities such as snorkelling, walking up active volcanos, surfing, ziplining, buggy driving, diving, swimming the many blue holes, scenic flights, custom villages, stand up paddle boarding, golfing; the list goes on. For those that want to relax and soak up the tropical atmosphere; then the gorgeous turquoise water lapping against the white sand beaches will be a slice of heaven to either look at from the comfort of your balcony, sun bed or immerse yourself in for a refreshing swim.

Visit a cultural village and interact with the villagers, try Karva and eat laplap (food cooked in the ground) it’s so delicious. See where cannibals used to have ovens for cooking their kill, learn how the Ni-Vanuatu use the flora for medicine and observe the fauna for weather predications. Watch the water dancers slap the water to create different sounds.



There are many places to stay in Vanuatu and the views are spectacular. Choose accommodation that suits your needs from motels, hotels, guesthouses, treehouses, eco-friendly retreats, glamping or resorts that can cater for families, divers, school educationals, weddings, honeymoons, adults only or golfers. Accommodation that sits over the water, overlooks the ocean, lagoons or rivers, sits in lush gardens or have views out to the tropical forests; the choice seems endless.



For foodies, it’s a playground of tastes. Organic, is a word I heard often as the Ni-Vanuata don’t use chemicals on their crops so all the vegetables, fruit and meat are free from these nasties. Seafood and beef seem to be the main meat consumed on the islands. For coffee lovers, Tanna & Santo coffee is very good. Tusker beer is the local brew and not bad at all.



I hope these photo’s whet your appetite for a destination that is only 5hrs flight from Melbourne, 3.15hrs from Sydney, 2.40hrs from Brisbane and 5hrs from Adelaide.